At Recovery Mountain, helping you break free from your addictive habits is our top priority. We aim to bring you the best in terms of care and quality of service. To achieve this, we are staffed with the best addiction wellness professionals and caregivers and employ the most effective programs that cater to your level of need. Substance addiction is an ailment that unfortunately plagues many people today. Research shows that at least 1 in every 20 people suffers from one form of substance addiction or another, the most prevalent being alcohol addiction. We aim to reduce this number significantly and usher as many affected victims as possible into a newer, healthier lifestyle.

In general, our services are also catered towards people whose addiction problems arose as a result of the intensive nature of their occupation; police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders typically go through a lot because of the high-intensity nature of their line of work, and as such, are most likely to resort to the use of substances to cope with the stress. We aim to reach out to this category of people and offer them the absolute best medical care to help them overcome this over-reliance and better cope with the stress of their everyday lives.


The quality of service we offer is a perfect fit for anybody willing to overcome their addiction problem. We both welcome and are willing to help anyone get over the glaring disadvantages brought about by the overreliance on substances. That being said, we also cater to a specific group of people whose dependence on such substances can be traced to the demanding nature of their current or previous occupation. They include:

First Responders:

In their daily lives, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), ER doctors, and other first responders may face stress and trauma. For them, it can be both psychologically and mentally taxing to be around accidents, deal with overdoses, and see tragic situations; as such, these brave men and women may experience high rates of substance abuse and addiction as a result. According to research carried out by the US Firemen’s Association, up to 10% of firefighters may be abusing drugs. According to estimates, firemen abuse alcohol at a rate that is more than twice as high as the overall population.

According to another National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism study, 11% of male and 16% of female police officers working in metropolitan areas had alcohol usage levels considered “at risk.” Another study’s findings revealed that 20% of EMTs experience PTSD, while 36% of EMS personnel experience sadness. This state of mind can then lead to the use of drugs, alcohol, and other substances to escape the stress of their everyday lives.

The numerous programs we provide at Recovery Mountain address alcohol and drug addiction and underlying problems that make it difficult for someone to sustain long-term sobriety to improve this dismal statistic. Education is necessary for recovery since it involves more than simply quitting harmful substances. This is a significant part of our wellness, provided by experts who thoroughly know the troubles involved in being a front-line responder.


Veterans who are seeking to reintegrate into society after a military deployment may encounter a number of difficulties. Undoubtedly, the emotional and physical turbulence they experienced is one of the most significant difficulties. They could have lost a buddy, a limb, or some of their sanity. Veterans who experience moderate to severe combat, particularly in the Army or Marine Corps, are more likely to acquire post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These veterans may also exhibit symptoms of other mental health issues, substance misuse, and other physical health issues related to the traumas of their military service.

According to a 2011 American Public Health Association research, over 25% of military fatalities may be attributed to drug misuse, and veteran drug-induced mortality rates are twice the public norm. This is indeed a very worrying statistic. The unideal situation is compounded by the strict, rigid, and professional nature of these ex-military men and women, preventing them from seeking appropriate medic help and instead trying to cope with their issues independently.

At Recovery Mountain, we understand the need for a specialized care program for these distinguished members of society and, as such, have crafted unique and effective steps to facilitate and administer effective alcohol addiction wellness as well as drug addiction wellness. We also have the best personnel that can effectively treat behavioral illnesses common in most war veterans suffering from addiction, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dual-diagnosis disorder. Our dual diagnosis wellness, in particular, employs various effective behavioral therapies to identify and treat these issues properly.


Depending on the severity of the addiction, we offer a wide range of therapy programs heralded by qualified professionals to ensure our patients get the best care and medication when needed. Our wellness options consist of simple yet effective methods like residential rehabilitation. We also offer the best behavioral therapies and other forms of wellness, like counseling and physiotherapy, to better treat the underlying mental conditions partially responsible for the overreliance and abuse of these substances.

Substance addiction has been recognized as one of the major killers in today’s society. Either as a result of mounting stress, peer pressure, depression, or any other mental or physical factor, the use of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance as a means of escape remains a pressing problem. Our dedication to helping as many people as possible overcome these issues remains unchanged as an institution. With the help and care of our trained personnel, the journey toward recovery we promise will leave a lasting, impactful, and positive impression on the lives of our patients.