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Crack Cocaine wellness in New Hampshire

Crack cocaine is one of the most addictive illicit drugs affecting many communities in New Hampshire. Crack is the freebase form of cocaine, and it is smokable. The addiction potential of this illegal substance runs off the charts due to its short but very potent euphoric effects. However, the “comedown” is usually just as precipitous and intense as the highs it produces.

The word “crack” comes from the crackling sound produced when this drug is heated and smoked. Crack cocaine is highly concentrated and extremely addictive. If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome crack cocaine addiction, Recovery Mountain is here to help so you can start the journey to reclaim your life.

Our team offers comprehensive crack addiction wellness to help individuals recover and heal from the disease of addiction.

What is Crack Cocaine?

Crack cocaine is the more powerful and highly addictive form of cocaine. Crack cocaine is created when cocaine is formed into tiny solid crystals and makes a crackling noise when smoked in a pipe. Crack cocaine is dangerous and is formulated with cocaine powder and baking soda.

The baking soda and cocaine are heated together and then allowed to crystallize. This creates a highly addictive substance.

Recovery Mountain’s crack cocaine wellness programs in New Hampshire give you the specialization and care required for recovery.

Crack Abuse and Addiction

Crack is inexpensive and readily available in many locations. The intense euphoria brought on by crack cocaine comes on fast and is characterized by intense joy and excitement. These fleeting effects don’t last long, and the highs or euphoria become less intense as your body develops a tolerance.

This causes users to become dependent and needs more and more crack in order to reclaim the initial high. The intense but short-lived high and the low price of this drug are a dangerous combination.

At Recovery Mountain, we understand that every client is unique, and each crack addiction wellness plan is designed collaboratively to address your unique needs and concerns.

The Effects of Crack Addiction

In day-to-day life, your brain releases low amounts of dopamine as a response to pleasurable activities. However, crack addiction or abuse affects the brain by considerably increasing the release of dopamine, causing feelings of intense pleasure. Crack cocaine use also prevents the normal reabsorption of dopamine by your brain’s nerve cells.

However, as the excess dopamine release starts to subside, you will start to experience depression. Because crack cocaine is usually cut with other toxic substances, such as heroin, the side effects of this drug can vary considerably and are usually unpredictable.

Symptoms and Signs of Crack Addiction

After using crack cocaine, a person becomes very lethargic and may sleep for many hours or even days at a time. Other signs of crack abuse or addiction include:

Frequent disappearances (in order to get high)

  • Dilated pupils
  • Restlessness
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Uncharacteristic irresponsibility
  • Increased breathing rate
  • Burns on fingers
  • Blistered or cracked lips from smoking a hot pipe

Long Term Effects

Long-term crack users may become more aggressive and violent as they experience hallucinations or paranoia. This makes crack dangerous for the person and to people around them.

The most common and long-term physical sign of crack abuse is hyperactivity. As high amounts of dopamine flood the brain, the person becomes jittery and starts trembling, twitching, or shaking.

Crack Detoxification and Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms of crack cocaine can begin in as little as thirty minutes or take up to 72 hours to appear. The withdrawal period tends to vary based on an individual’s tolerance, the amount of drug used, and how long they have been using it.

The first and most crucial step toward recovery is detoxification. On-site detox at Recovery Mountain helps remove the physical effects of crack cocaine from your body. Withdrawal symptoms are depressing and uncomfortable and punctuated by cravings.

A few withdrawal symptoms of crack cocaine include:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Nightmares

Types of addiction wellness Offered at Recovery Mountain

Within our highly acclaimed crack cocaine addiction wellness program in New Hampshire, you will discover how seriously and professionally our team handles cases. Recovery Mountain prides itself on developing a fully individualized and tailored therapy and wellness plan to fit your situation.

Cocaine addiction wellness at Recovery Mountain uses various techniques and styles. This is because every individual’s addiction situation is unique. We offer the following:

Residential addiction wellness Plans

This typically involves housing and round-the-clock guidance. 24/7 care and attention are ideal for patients with severe addiction issues.

Out-patient addiction wellness

These are significantly more adaptive for women and men who have family and work worries.

Crack addiction wellness at Recovery Mountain

Medically Monitored Detoxification for Crack Addiction and Abuse

The physical discomfort, pain, and psychological dependency on this drug during withdrawal make it the most challenging drug to detox from. This is usually the first step before attending Recovery Mountains crack addiction wellness program in New Hampshire.


Behavioral therapy is successfully and commonly used in crack cocaine addiction wellness in New Hampshire. At Recovery Mountain, our individualized wellness programs are customized to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Family therapy programs in New Hampshire help rebuild strained relationships among family members. Some other therapeutic approaches used at Recovery Mountain include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

Every crack addiction wellness plan at Recovery Mountain is built collaboratively to address your unique needs. Together we will find a reliable solution that works best for you.

How Recovery Mountain’s Crack addiction wellness in New Hampshire can Help

Addiction to crack is devastating and damaging to users and their families. At Recovery Mountain in Tilton, NH, we understand the feelings of shame, guilt, and desperation that may drive someone to pursue unending and cyclical crack abuse. Our team offers safe and effective crack addiction wellness in New Hampshire.

The highly trained and experienced Recovery Mountain staff will help you determine which addiction wellness programs are most suitable for you and devise a wellness plan to help guide you along your recovery journey. Overcome your crack cocaine addiction in a serene location through crack addiction wellness and counseling at Recovery Mountain. Contact us today at 603-528-7600 or connect with us online to take the first step.