A cornerstone of the Recovery Mountain program is wellness. We are known for and take pride in our holistic approach to recovery. Each of our program offerings are designed around the mind, body and spirit. We believe our guests are people, not a disease. Our program places emphasis on addressing all aspects of a person’s life, through a variety of care practices.

In addition to our 12 Step Offerings, including big book study and daily AA meetings, we regularly engaged in holistic activities including, but not limited to:

Wellness - Massage


Wellness - Yoga


Wellness - Reiki


Wellness - Mindfulness


Our fitness programs are designed and offered by a staff of Certified Professional Athletic Trainers, who work with each guest to tailor a daily fitness regimen aligned with their needs and goals. While at Recovery Mountain, guests can expect to participate in a regular morning workout and an afternoon recreation activity. Each weekend is spent enjoying the great outdoors and the activities that the New England region is known for.