Family Intervention Assistance

We know the challenges families and loved ones face, when trying to find help for a loved one struggling with addiction.  Sometimes, a heart to heart conversation just isn’t enough and creates animosity.  When it comes to addiction, most often the person struggling cannot or is unwilling to acknowledge the problem. Often, they do not recognize the negative effects of their behavior on themselves or others. In these instances, an intervention is needed.  An intervention presents the loved one with a structured opportunity to make changes before making things worse.  It can motivate the individual to seek and accept help.  A formal intervention provides an environment that reassures the individual struggling, that they are loved and supported.  

Examples of addictions that may warrant a professional intervention:

  • Alcoholism
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Street Drug Abuse
  • Compulsive Eating
  • Compulsive Gambling

Recovery Mountain’s professionals (LICSW/MSW) will partner with the family and the support system to plan and conduct a successful intervention.  Our goal is always to have the individual choose a treatment program suited to address their needs, whether that is our program or another. It is important to recognize that conducting an intervention, without professional support, often results in negative outcomes.  Recovery Mountain comes to you, where you are most comfortable.   

If you are interested in obtaining information about our Intervention services, please call 877-639-0900.