Discharge planning is an integral part of the Recovery Mountain program. Each guest will undertake conversations with the clinical team early on and with increasing frequency prior to discharge from Recovery Mountain. Mutually, we will develop a discharge plan (a plan for managing your newfound sobriety). This plan will include identifying the care needed after completing our program.

We are partnered with MAP Health Management to provide individual Peer Recovery Coaching for our guests upon being discharged. These services are covered by most insurance providers.

MAP Health Management

Some other components that are considered in aftercare plans are:

  • Identifying Sober Living
  • Identifying Employment Opportunities
  • Addressing Outstanding Legal issues
  • Identifying a local, qualified therapist
  • Identifying local meetings
  • Identifying Recreational Opportunities
If you or someone you are close to is in need of addiction care for drugs or alcohol, call us at 877-639-0900 and begin your journey of recovery.