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What you may expect during and after our treatment

It may be your first time in a residential treatment setting, and it’s likely you’ve never been to a facility quite like ours. So, you may be asking yourself: What’s going to happen? How can I expect to feel while undergoing this process or after it? While everyone’s recovery journey is different, and we celebrate that, there are some things that happen to nearly everyone while in treatment.

For most people, after going through a proper detox protocol from their primary substance, they are starting to feel physically much better. When you enter Recovery Mountain, you’ll get started right away with meeting our therapist, physical trainer, nutritionist and other staff as the days go on. We try to keep all of our guests both physically and mentally engaged while here, and there is very little unstructured time. Sometimes, people struggling with alcohol or substance abuse find difficulty at first with following a specific organized schedule, but research and experience shows that structure can be a vital part of returning to a life of successful, contented purpose.

Over the course of the following weeks, you may feel stressed as the fog of active addiction lifts and life, emotions, and senses continue to heighten with full clarity. At times it can be overwhelming but also very rewarding. Especially in our program with its increased focus on physical health and well-being, you are likely to rediscover some things about yourself that you used to love and some things you didn’t know you could ever be interested in.

Through working with a therapist, and with other guests during groups, you’ll start to see patterns in your behavior and thinking that have been contributing to continued problems surrounding drugs, alcohol or other process related addictive behavior. Your level of awareness of your own internal thought patterns will increase the longer you remain abstinent, and continue to focus on developing better personal coping skills. Our goal is to help you take control of your life and redesign a daily course for living that you can use when you leave, which will allow you to successfully and happily navigate life’s demands without the need to use or abuse substances or behaviors in attempt to feel better.

Sometimes when a person gets ready to leave treatment, there is some anxiety about leaving the relative safety of a space specifically designed for staying clean and sober. Before you leave us, we spend a good deal of time discussing and planning what exactly your aftercare will look like. This could be in the form of continued treatment in an intensive outpatient program, a regular schedule with a therapist in your area, the AA/NA/GA/OA meetings you will attend in your area, or other important continued engagements that keep you close to a strong recovery community that works for you. We want to help you succeed, and also to point you in the direction of others who are equally interested in helping you on your journey.