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What Happens When I Get Sober

In the early days of recovery, most people find the thought of sobriety terrifying.  That is most often because they don’t know what to expect or believe.  Many newly sober addicts are convinced that they will have no life to return to when they get sober.  The reality is that life becomes more manageable, fun and enjoyable when sobriety is achieved.  

The newly sober find more can be accomplished when one is sober.  Sobriety allows one to be present in each moment.  It allows for enjoyment of family, vacations, events, and get-togethers that were often disastrous, filled with hazy memories or not attended at all.  

Hangovers and physical ailments related to use, are a thing of the past and memory is improved.   Travel is more fulfilling because the focus is on what you want to do and enjoy not on planning for nightclubs, bars and the like. Relationships are formed intentionally and are authentic.  Friendships are formed out of mutual respect and are a two way street. Health is improved as you find activities that interest you.  Energy is higher, as you feel more rested and normal sleep patterns improve.  

Most importantly, you will be comfortable in your own skin!  The search to find something to fill the emptiness will end as your self confidence and self esteem improve.  You will be grateful for each day you are sober and alive.  You will discover purpose and you will survive and thrive.