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6 tips for staying sober the next time you travel

Recovery is a time for developing new, healthy habits that promote long term sobriety. However, early recovery can be a challenge, especially when it comes to activities that you associate with substance use. Traveling for business of pleasure can pose a risk for relapse.

When traveling for business or pleasure, here are some useful tips for maintaining your sobriety:

  1. Choose Alcohol-Free Destinations
  2. Some destinations are more conducive to drinking than others. For instance, planning a trip to Germany during October, may not be a good choice. You may also be better off avoiding vineyard tours. Instead, consider an alcohol-free destination, such as a sober cruise or a camping trip in a state park. Choosing a destination where alcohol isn’t served can help you enjoy your vacation, without the temptation or risk of relapse.
  3. Packing Support
  4. Not drinking while traveling can be very difficult, especially if others in your group are enjoying cocktails. If you are not choosing alcohol-free destinations, bring along a sober or highly supportive friend or family member to help you to avoid a relapse. Surrounding yourself with those that are supportive can help you enjoy your travel without alcohol.
  5. Plan Ahead
  6. Know ahead of time what activities are available at your destination and get involved in as many as you can. Not drinking while traveling will be easier, if you have plenty of activities planned ahead of time. Empty time, is often a trigger for relapse.
  7. Attend Support Group Meetings at Your Destination
  8. Support group meetings are an important part of any recovery plan. Stay connected to your peers who are also in recovery, as this will help you stay motivated to remain sober. Staying connected helps bolster feelings of accountability and personal responsibility.
  9. Book Sober Accommodations
  10. If you can choose where to stay on your business or vacation trip, book lodging that doesn’t have a bar on the premises, especially if holing up in a hotel during a trip is a trigger for you. Consider staying at a bed and breakfast or Airbnb, which won’t usually have a bar on-site.

Staying sober while you are travelling or vacationing doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. With a little planning ahead of your trip and remaining mindful of your thoughts and emotions, you can continue your successful recovery no matter where your travel takes you.