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Tackling Sobriety During the Football Season

Whether you are a college or professional football fan, this time of the year you start to get excited about the upcoming season.  

If you are in recovery, you may be struggling with mixed emotions around the upcoming season.   This is especially true of those in early recovery.  In the past, you have prob ably spent a good deal of time preparing for your Fantasy League, thinking about and participating in pre-season parties, etc.   The thought of not drinking during the football season is sure to bring on some anxiety.

Rest assured, it is possible to stay sober and actually enjoy the football season.  It will require some planning and a support network, but you can and will enjoy the season.  Let’s open up the playbook for tackling the football season as a newly sober fan!

A little preparation and planning, as with most things goes a long way.  Create a game-day strategy in advance of the big day.   This will help decrease your risk of a relapse.  Plan ahead for those times when you are tempted with thoughts about how good a beer would taste with those Nachos or when a friend offers you a drink.  You may also have to consider how your going to watch the game i.e. at home, at a friends, at a bar, or at the stadium itself.   If it’s a bar, you may want to consider an establishment that doesn’t serve alcohol.  You want to be honest with your friends.  Do not be ashamed in telling them that you are in recovery.  If you have a sponsor, you may want to have their phone number handy, just in case the temptation becomes too strong before, during or after the game.  Consider attending a meeting before the game and surrounding yourself with a sober support network.  Plan a party of your own in your own home, where comfortable surroundings can lessen the temptation to drink.  If you are tailgating, prepare non-alcoholic drinks in your favorite team’s colors. No matter what you do for pre-game or where you watch the big game, a plan is going to take you over the goal line.