Testimonials & Accolades

"Recovery Mountain NH was the perfect place for me. I came away better prepared to live a life free from alcohol."

"Recovery Mountain was the place I first felt joy in recovery. The staff and program are amazing. Thank you!"

"Master level clinicians, individualized treatment plans and the state of the art fitness center...just wow! Thank you Karen and the entire team!"

"This was an absolutely amazing place. Physical fitness was such a huge part of my recovery. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help - it’s Awesome!"

"Recovery Mountain - It’s one of the premier programs, in my opinion, in the country."

"This is an absolutely amazing program in New Hampshire, when you hear "individualized treatment" this place truly does it. It's incredibly difficult to find a place such as this."

"Beautiful serene setting and caring staff. They were willing to help out not only the staff but the family as well"

"Thank you so much Recovery Mountain for helping us with the intervention. Our son is now undertaking treatment and we are so grateful!"

"Wonderful caring and knowledgeable staff that have helped us with a very difficult situation."

"I would highly recommend this program to anyone committed to addressing addiction. They offer a daily program of education and activity."

"Great place to find the help that you need. Staff really cares about their guests."

"Thanks to Recovery Mountain our son has gotten back his life. We are very grateful, we know it was a nurturing, positive and healthy experience."

"The environment itself is healing in tandem with 1:1 coaching, support, and recovery...it becomes...WOW! Gone is the cement jungle!"

"I will forever be left with memories of the experience I had in their massive athletic areas and in the outdoors of the surrounding area. Thank you for helping me resolve my long standing issues."